Hunter Gas Technologies has become a class leader in LPG installations. We were converting vehicles to LPG before the Australian Government announced the LPG rebate, therefore we are not one of those businesses that joined the bandwagon to make quick money.
Sequent II Wins Sequent II Wins
Hunter Gas Technologies Sequent II wins AG show acclaim.
Sequent III Under Trials Sequent III Under Trials
The new DieselGas Sequent III system is currently under trials.
We convert petrol cars to LPG. We also install LPG, as an additive, to diesel vehicles, to enhance the performance and power, while reducing the emissions from the exhaust and increasing fuel efficiency. This will make your vehicle much more pleasurable to drive, with smoother power and less impact on the environment.
Along with vehicles, we install systems to suit agricultural & mining equipment. We have been able to make in excess of 25% reduction in overall diesel usage on our stationary engines, at the same time we brought the emissions down from Euro 2 spec to Euro 4. We can fit all engines from 2hp to 2500hp.

Buy a Mattress in a Box

Why Every Homeowner Should Buy a Mattress in a Box
The Internet has opened countless doors for business and consumers. The world wide web facilitates broader competition, allowing potential consumers to buy products and services for lower prices than if they were to shop exclusively at brick-and-mortar locations. Buyers are also exposed to many types of products, specific models, and limited editions that individual traditional stores, collective rings of stores in cities and regions, and even entire franchises around the entire world.

Every homeowner should buy a mattress in a box because there are more beds online then in person, as well as more individual vendors online. This results a better shopping experience and lower prices available than those who shop at traditional locations. Included are several detailed reasons explaining why you — a homeowner — should buy a mattress in a box

Beds in showrooms aren’t necessarily clean

Traditional mattress and furniture store have beds that they allow potential customers to lay on to test them out. Customer, after customer, after customer, after customer shed dead skin cells, sweat, oils, and other bodily fluids and smells on these sample mattresses.

When you buy a mattress in a box, companies like Tuft & Needle and Casper allow consumers to try their beds for a few weeks prior to finalizing their purchases. These beds are not laid on by endless troves of customers, unlike those in mattress emporiums and showrooms.

Saves time

Buying a mattress in a box is simple. Customers search online for mattresses that best fit their individual needs, locate a reputable vendor to sell them the bed, enter their credit card and shipping information, wait a few days — and that’s it. When shopping for mattresses in physical locations, bed buyers often must take days off work or dedicate one day on the weekends to shop for a bed. This process is exhausting and notoriously time-consuming, unlike shopping online for a mattress in a box.

No need for lengthy, frustrating installation processes

Installing a mattress in a box is devilishly simple in most cases: simply cut open its vacuum-sealed plastic covering, and viola! When someone buys a bed from a physical location, they must take it home, assemble the frame, place the heavy box springs on top of it, then lift the even-heavier mattress and place it on top. Buying a mattress in a box is, as seen, far more efficient and effective than purchasing their physical store-stocked counterparts.

Ordering a Mattress in a Box Online

Weighing Traditional Bed Shopping with Ordering a Mattress in a Box Online

Although we all find ourselves sleeping on a couch, futon, sleeping bag, in a car, or somewhere we usually don’trest, most everyone owns — or at least has access to — a bed. How well we sleep has both short-term and lasting effects on our bodies. Sleeping too long, not long enough, not soundly enough, or not at all can make those who don’t sleep sufficiently prone to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and a wealth of other potentially-serious health problems.

We’re all familiar with sleep, but maybe not so familiar with the right way to buy a mattress. Most adults have likely purchased at least one bed in their lifetimes, visiting a furniture store or bedding emporium, hastily picking the first bed that feels good to their touch. Anyone who has visited multiple stores in picking out a mattress or other furniture knows just how difficult the process can be.

Fortunately for everyone that sleeps — and that has to mean you, too — quality bedding can be purchased through the Internet, showing up to your doorstep in the form of a mattress in a box. Let’s examine the positives and negatives of traditional mattress shopping to that of receiving a Mattress in a box from UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

+ Internet has free trials

Many online mattress vendors provide prospective buyers with a mattress in a box to test for a trial. However, you must provide credit card information, making you 100% liable for not returning it on time.

– Returning them isn’t feasible, albeit possible

Besides, shipping an entire mattress is not feasible, and is certainly exorbitantly expensive. When you receive the mattress in a box, it’s vacuum-sealed to keep it compact. Few homeowners have industrial vacuum-sealing equipment, unfortunately, making the returns they offer difficult to pull off.

– Mattresses may be harmful

When you receive a mattress in a box from an online vendor, it’s vacuum-sealed. If it stays wrapped up for longer than six months, it may build up volatile organic compounds that aren’t asthma- nor allergy-friendly.

+ Internet takes less energy

To get a mattress in a box at your front door, simply browse online for online mattresses you’re interested in. Using the Internet makes it easy to compare specifications, too.

+ Competition = Good

Because online retailers are infinitely more competitive among each others’ ranks than brick-and-mortar furniture stores, buying a mattress in a box from an online-based company is likely to be cheaper than those from traditional stores. Online stores, collectively, have far more variety than space-limited mattress warehouses.

Sleep with a Mattress in a Box

Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Mattress in a Box

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you may be considering visiting various mattress stores in your area. However, going from store to store does not guarantee that you will find a mattress that will result in your waking up well-rested and ready to take on the day. That’s why you will be happy to know that there is an alternative to the traditional way of shopping for a mattress.

Now you can purchase a high-quality mattress in a box and have it delivered to your door. Your Cozybed is just what it sounds like–it comes in a box that you can actually handle easily. Once you unpack your mattress in a box it expands to the size you need. This means no more laying on a mattress for 2-3 minutes in a mattress store and making a hasty decision to buy it. You select your mattress online–without a salesperson hovering over you. Try out your mattress in a box at home for several nights and if it does not meet your expectations, simoly return it.

How is it possible to fit a Mattress in a Box?

If you are accustomed to tossing a mattress on the back of a pick up truck or paying extra to have a mattress delivered to your home, you will be thrilled to get your mattress in the box. Gone are the awkward moves to get through doors and around corners to get your mattress into your bedroom. A mattress in a box is compressed, rolled, and packed in a compact box that is easily moved. When you unpack your mattress in a box you will find that it expands to the size you ordered. In minutes your mattress will be ready for you to test it out by taking a nap or sleeping throughout the night. The memory foam mattress will provide the body-contouring support and comfort you need to wake up refreshed.

Now that you know how a mattress in a box works, why not see for yourself how this new mattress technology can help you replace every mattress in your home at the click of a mouse. Consider this new way of shopping for a mattress. Order your mattress online and have it delivered to your home within days. From twin-size to California King, a mattress in a box will cause you to say bye-bye to the bedding you might find in a typical mattress store.